Be the socket of positivity

Remember when we used to take notes on paper? Back during my MURP days, I took a leadership seminar and had the fortune to witness Carl St Clair speak and doodle on my notes (arrows, musical notes, positive negative chart and the word DREAM). He spoke about leadership through the lens of emotion. While other speakers mentioned the importance of drive and spirit, St Clair manifested passion and inspiration. What imprinted in my mind were the following words: “Be the socket of positivity.” The ‘pay it forward’ if you will of everyday living. That’s the kind of thinking that transforms neighbourhoods into communities, spaces into places. I’ve tried to emulate that mantra in my life and I hope my friends and colleagues can attest. Sometimes, however, you just can’t always be the ONE. On days when I need a little recharge, I plug into the stories and actions of others.

There are 7.3 billion people and counting. An infinite number of stories and actions that can inspire the urban imagined. For example, I’ve had Katie Sokoler’s chalk walk hanging out in my bookmark folder. Colourful footprints always brighten my day and I suspect many others who stumble upon them. Thank you Katie for listening to the boy who wanted you to make more. Simple, random act with illuminating effects.

via Color Me Katie

This will be a reoccurring series as there are kindred spirits all around doing their everyday thing. Be on the lookout. You may very well be featured.

(Above photo by Vivian Romero, bottom photo by Katie Sokoler)


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Vivian Romero

I want to activate the urban imagined: stimulating, healthy and sustainable spaces for all (especially the young and young at heart).

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