A cup of sugar

I’m a big proponent of being able to ask your neighbour for a cup a sugar. Consider it my own personal liveability index. If you can’t borrow some sugar that means that they’re not home, they don’t have any sugar (which is a good excuse to go out and get them some to extend your neighbourliness),  they’ve given up sugar (which is a great entry point for a conversation) or they don’t like you (in that case, turn up the volume and plant plastic flamingoes in their yard). In any case a good deal of creating places where we want to live is to know the people with whom we share a sizeable space. I’m not asking to be BFF. But enough to say hey, you exist, have a nice day!

So the backdrop to this image is an amusing one. At the start of the summer, our neighbours on our right departed for a month-long holiday. In the middle of that holiday, their house alarm was triggered and bleeped and flashed all day, all night. Their neighbours on their other side stopped us on the footpath and asked if we knew the number of the owners with the bleeping alarm so as to alert them of the situation. Having just moved into the area, we did not. We then knocked on the door of our adjacent neighbour to ask if they had the number. No-one on our street had their number. I think the security company was called and the police notified. The bleeping ceased. Big drama on our street for a few days. The owners returned to a fanfare and we exchanged numbers.

Here we are at the end of summer. So about a week ago as I was getting the coffee percolating, I see this little hand peep through our mailbox in our door and drop a flash of paper. Anklebitter 2 decided to captivate my attentions at that moment and when I finally had reprieve 20 minutes later, I picked up the flash of paper and found another neighbour’s number on it. Liveable neighbourhood, check. I have yet to ask them for a cup of sugar but I did present them with some homemade choc chip bikkies.

This household always has sugar.

(Photo by Vivian Romero)


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Vivian Romero

I want to activate the urban imagined: stimulating, healthy and sustainable spaces for all (especially the young and young at heart).

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