You gonna eat your tots?

“Tina you fat lard” HA! I googled “eat the food” and the charm of Napoleon Dynamite popped up. A GIF for you to either chuckle reminiscently or screen the movie promptly. You see, yesterday Ankle biter 2 devoured brussels sprouts. Devoured, to everyone’s surprise! So much so Ankle biter 1 started fishing into the brussels sprouts bowl. He admirably entertained one. Everyone struggles with trying to get their kids to eat, let alone eat something healthy. Ankle biter 1 was a dream and ate everything. Growth spurts, however, are currently erm  refining his palate. He wants the gloppiness and the dessert of puddings and trifles that they serve at daycare. (Don’t get me started! I’ll talk about that some other time).The ankle biters have never had a problem with fruits. Bless you natural sugar high. I’ll admit that moving from a foodie mecca has certainly  depressed the opportunities to purchase affordably the vibrancy of the seasons. Yea, there are farmer’s markets but I just miss the green grocer.

Access to local and seasonal food should be an urban planning requirement and not just a voluntary enterprise. We can start by growing where we are.  To introduce such a concept to the anklebiters, I bring this week’s book offering, Grow your own: A yummy story about growing (and eating!) your own food by Esther Hall. The book begins with a boy, Sidney, and his mum in living a drab grey existence in a nondescript city. The mum drops Sid at his grandma’s country house for the summer. During this time Sid is put to work in the garden and he learns to feast off the land (e.g. broccoli, beans, carrots, strawberries). The story ends with Sid, his mum and grandma continuing the fruit and veg escapades in the city via a fresh food delivery service. Each page diffuses a vibrant colour palette. A light-hearted story about working the land and living off of it as well as connections among generations.

Ankle Biter 1 loved the story solely for the pages about the runner beans.  Sid helps to pick and prepare beans and is told that beans are full of energy and will help him to run fast.

Sid certainly felt faster and there was definitely something a bit windy about him.

He loved providing the sound effects for the page. Whatever works, hey? He also likes to pretend to pick and eat the strawberries from the pages as well. I enjoy this book because it makes that connection between land and food. It suggest that direct experience in growing can change our attitudes towards food. WE must start somewhere, it might as well be now. Oh, and vote for Pedro.

[GIF by: 9 Best ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Lines That We Still Use Today (with GIFs!)]


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