A mindful saunter


Here and now.

An awareness of the full stop.

Mindfulness is hard.

How do you find the breath when both anklebiters are screaming (one indignant at being asked to pick up his blankie and the other hungry because dinner is delayed due to aforementioned indignation). The first time, Sure, easy. But come the bewitching hour no-one sees straight. I guess I could laugh. It’s a new year and I’m trying to find my way.

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Someone recently recommended Thich Nhat Hanh’s A Handful of Quiet:Happiness in Four Pebbles. In the back of my head, my friend keeps saying,The Here is NOW.”  Mindfulness is being introduced in UK schools as part of  adolescent mental skills trainingCollectively, I am being told to SLOW dooooowwwnnn.

Enter the mindful saunter. Each week the ankle biters and I take a stroll in the hood. Our favourite thing to do is play “what’s that noise.” Which in some way is a practice of mindfulness- which is rather manifested naturally in the beauty of children’s curiosity. To take pause, each week, I’ll share the noises we hear but extend it to include all senses. Mindfulness is full awareness.

What we heard: brmmp brmmp brmmp of the little orange digger

What we tasted: the sweet and tangy of an early hot cross bun sweetly and freely presented by a lady on the bus

What we smelled: The dampness of the moss along the rocky ledges

What we touched: The icy cold layer on the shallow puddle

What we saw: The cherished green leaf


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Vivian Romero

I want to activate the urban imagined: stimulating, healthy and sustainable spaces for all (especially the young and young at heart).

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