Five distractions to start your weekend

Source: Tasmanian Government

1.1 meters = a safe buffer in urinals as well as when passing cyclists on roads in Tasmania

Albert Heijn, a supermarket chain in Amsterdam started INSTOCK, a restaurant using excess food from the grocery store

Imagine, cycling rather than vehicular traffic in Copenhagen

“Perch & Repair” drones being created by the Uni of Leeds to  repair potholes

How we have lost touch with nature in that picking apples is a novelty?


Five distractions to start your weekend

A morning rave for fitness, yes please. Source: Leeds – Morning Gloryville

Too funny. Examining Drake’s “Hotline Bling” via a sprawl lens

Bamboo barriers to block noise and air pollution

CicLAvia is FIVE years old and the largest US open street movement

Great Scott! Back to the Future, a reminder we still have much to do

A video and five links to start your weekend

The original guerriila gardener, Adam Purple grew a 15,000 garden in the Lower East Side

Umbracity, or bicycle-sharing for the umbrella set

Each time you shop and request a plastic bag from major UK supermarkets, it will cost 5p

The origin of the coffee break

If a tree falls in a forest, we will hear it

A video and five links to start your weekend

Christopher Herwig photographed ‘wayward roadside punctuation marks’ aka Soviet bus stops.

The ‘Travel by Book’ initiative proves that literature can get you where you want to go.

Noise from vehicular traffic is killing birds.

Kiss knitting goodbye, hello graffiti grandma.

The result of mowing, digging and planting by Stan Herd.

A video and five links to start your weekend

Forget yarn bombing. Try chair bombing

Seattle has started Community Crosswalks where residents get to create their crosswalks/ zebra crossings/ toucan crossing

From the one who brought you String Vienna, come inside the belly of the beast

Disposing rubbish in public has never been as fun

Never walk alone with the Companion app

A video and five links to start your weekend.

More on Banksy & co bemusement park

Aussie aussie aussie! Utopia is back. “Nation building, one white elephant at a time”

One way to get potholes fixed

Because everyone needs some inner peace

Free opera in the streets of Tijuana

A video and five links to start the weekend

Talk about random acts of kindness. We are loved, Agustina Woodgate.

Let’s walk. Australia installs the first glow in the dark footpath.

Create civic life. Help some community initiatives or start your own.

What creates cherished public spaces?

Truly healing hospitals.

Seriously, what time is it?