Curate joy

I’ve been dwelling much on happiness, actually the lack thereof. After several connections with lovely beings, I’ve adopted a new mantra to curate joy into my everyday. I can’t change the weather but I can change my outlook to suit my desired climate. And also, the anklebiters seem to function better when I’m not in such a pessimistic mood.

unfunny things

This week’s book is an accidental gem. I’ve spied its cover many a touches at the library but passed over it due to its piecemeal and rather hectic illustrations. And I also thought it was an Italian/English book given its title: Mi and Museum City. Nevertheless, Linda Sarah has come up with a sleeper. Mi lives in the middle of Museum City. Surrounded by “museums about uninteresting things”, Mi feels bored and lonely. Enchanted by the loveliest music he’s ever heard, Mi wanders across mountains and rivers  until he meets Yu plucking his one-stringed instrument.


I am Mi! Happy to meet you!

I am Yu, happy to meet Mi!

Discovering such enjoyment, together they approach the Mayor for permission to create museums that curate and share their own joys. For Yu, instruments making music. For Mi, pebbles dropped from different heights. Mi and Yu slowly captivate and persuade the Mayor to open museums reflective of each resident’s joys. Up erected Museum of Very Unstabley but Very Nice. Yes. and Museum of Invisible Things that Do Exist. Museums of an array of shapes and sizes to amuse the senses. A city where Mi and Yu are no longer lonely nor bored.

Anklebiter 1 is entertained by this book. If possible, think Dr Seuss on LSD. From spying “elephant dogs riding on peanut shells” to strumming along on Yu’s one-stringed instrument, there was no shortage of things to enrapture his attention. He likes that there exists an infinite source of potential joys. Perhaps it validates his current penchant for digging up “worms and buried treasure and snails” (in that order). I do like it for the fact that the beauty and joy of the urban is certainly what you can fathom to imagine. In all of its glorious quirks rather than the mass-produced experience (ahem). I’d personally create a Museum of Colourful Things Hanging from the Ceilings or Museum of Blowing Dandelion Seeds and Other Whimsical Floaters. What Museum would you curate?

imagine a joy museum

Yay Melbourne

The Economists Intelligence Unit once again published its Global Liveability Ranking 2015. Thirty indicators are used to assess 140 cities across five categories: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. Based on this benchmarking system, Melbourne, Australia retains the position as the world’s most liveable city. Perfect rankings for healthcare, infrastructure and education. Irrespective of your four seasons in one day, I concur.