pop-up play

Let’s play. When did it happen that we, as adults, have forgotten how to play? Our fondest memories and moments of growth occur when we were enraptured in infinite play. Of course when we were children. A little less when we were pubescent. The return of play during our collegiate rebirth only once again to be stalled and perhaps cobwebbed until…

I knew even before the boisterous arrival of my two anklebiters that play is inherent in the everyday. It’s more about taking it all in, of finding opportunities and enjoying where you are. I see this unrelentlessly in the doings of the anklebiters. Call it play, call it work but the children, they are engrossed in what they are doing. Of what is available around them to invite into their worlds. Smiles and tears but always an experience. So yes dear friend, I’m not telling you to go out and procreate but rather take a journey with me and nourish your inner child.

Along the way, I met David. Since 2007, he has worked in Early Years in the US, Australia and most recently the UK. He is becoming a bit obsessed with the power of play and what it can do for personal and community health when it is properly valued. Together, we are looking to re-engage the young, the not so young and everyone in-between in play and playful experiences.

We believe playing and being playful are good for the heart, mind and body. Watch out for us and come join in the fun!